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QR-301: Maqamat Master Qari

This Course

This course is for those who have completed QR-102 and want to master Quranic recitation and its different maqamat. Language: English Achieve mastery in Quranic recitation and become a Master Qari. This course covers the most advanced four maqamat and provides the final steps in your journey towards Quranic recitation excellence. With interactive video lessons, two private mentorship sessions with Imam Bakeer every month, and personalized feedback and guidance, you'll refine your skills and gain the knowledge and skills you need to become a confident, skilled, and effective Quranic reciter. At the end of the course and after passing a test, you will receive a certification from the Maqamat Institute, recognizing your mastery of Quranic recitation and solidifying your status as a Master Qari. HOW DOES IT WORK? 1- Watch each lesson in full. 2- After each lesson, answer the questions asked by Imam Bakeer at the end of the lesson by recording your voice and uploading it using the uploading button. 3- Book a private session with Imam Bakeer at the midpoint and end of each chapter to receive follow-up and supervision. You have two sessions each month, and it is recommended to use them as described above. Note: When uploading your recorded response, make sure to include your name, the chapter number, and the lesson number in the file name. * Prerequisites, for optimal results: Completion of QR-101: Maqamat Professional Qari Completion of QR-201: Maqamat Advanced Qari



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